Redispan Builds Better Aluminum Modular Ramps.

At Redispan, we are committed to superior customer service, hassle-free shipping, and developing the best wheelchair ramps on the market today.

best modular wheelchair ramps

Only One Installer Needed!

What if only one installer could easily install an entire modular ramp by themselves?

Our primary goal at Redispan was to design a ramp that accomplishes exactly that. As dealers and installers ourselves, we realized that we were paying several installers for every single ramp we installed! What if we could assign one installer per job, and have other installers go complete other jobs simultaneously? Obviously, that would be an ideal scenario.

Our unique design allows for this dream to become a reality. Our design minimizes the need for many different single-use components, and instead consolidates brackets and connectors into several different functions. Legs and handrails can be set with the platform and ramp sections flat on the ground. Each section can be constructed one at a time, without the need to ever have to lift multiple connected segments.

In our testing phase, we had installers install our product by themselves. They couldn't believe how easy it was!


No Nonsense Competitive Pricing.

When we looked at major cost drivers in the aluminum modular ramp industry, shipping, freight, and logistics were at the top of the list.

All of the major ramp manufacturers fulfill orders on a per job basis, and rely on heavy, over manufactured pre-welded components that incur excessive shipping costs. Redispan is different. Our ramps are truly modular, and can be built to order from YOUR facility. Ramp components can be ordered in bulk, including side rails pre-cut and drilled at standard lengths. Our decking is assembled on site, and snaps securely into place.

This means that you as a dealer can order in bulk, and have every component that you need on hand for any ramp configuration. Instead of having to submit designs to manufacturers and wait on expensive shipping, you're ready to go out into the field and install our ramp with only one technician right away.

We at Redispan know aluminum modular wheelchair ramps inside and out. We come from the dealer side of the industry, and have installed thousands of them. We looked at how all of the industry leading ramp products are constructed and fabricated, and created our own design without the need for bulky pre-assembled components. Our ramps are all bolted and fastened together at your facility or on the job site, and are the best modular wheelchair ramps for both dealer and end user alike.

Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing.

Redispan Ramps are manufactured without the use of any welds. We use less fossil fuel energy by not using industrial welding equipment in our manufacturing. Instead, our ramps are assembled using old-fashioned elbow grease. Redispan ramps bolt together from top to bottom. We can ship them to you either assembled or unassembled. This process allows us to be very competitive in our pricing, saving you on exorbitant shipping costs that our competitors levy on their customers.

When you buy our product, not only are you buying a better ramp, you are supporting eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing practices that help to keep our air and water clean.

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