Redispan Ramps is offering a unique and rare opportunity for ramp dealers that meet certain criteria. License our intellectual property, and manufacture your own ramps at your facility.

Redispan is the first manufacturer within the industry to offer this groundbreaking business model. If potentially saving thousands of dollars and no longer having to pay for and ship every individual ramp order sounds interesting to you, please fill out the adjacent form.

Manufacturing made simple through a licensing agreement:

  • Cut-Drill- Fasten-quick and easy.  2 workers can build 70ft ramp per hour
  • No welds-you don't need high skilled labor or expensive welding machines
  • Gain access to 14 custom dies at our aluminum extruder-all parts are custom made and patent protected
  • Aluminum used is 6005 A T/61 -  2 grades below military grade - strong, yet easy to work with
  • Reduce cost/ft of ramp significantly
  • Compete with the big manufacturers on price

Features of our award winning design:

  • Split rail hand rail post-Simple assembly
  • Less hardware/less hassle
  • Sliding side rail clamp for handrails and feet-versatile
  • Interlocking decking- no more flipping ramp sections
  • Cut installation time by 50%
  • Solve installation problems with on site adjustability

Call to set up a meeting at our factory 631-203-8686

Watch this video to find out more!

Licensing Information PDF Download

Redispan-Licensing-A.pdf (825 downloads)
Redispan Licensing Questionnaire
If you are interested in potentially fabricating your own modular ramps for your own use, using our revolutionary patent-pending design, please fill out the form below.