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modular ramp dealersLeading modular ramp manufacturers have varying designs, but are all essentially the same thing when it comes to what matters to you as a dealer. Until now, there hasn't been any other viable option for modular ramp dealers.

Redispan is shifting the paradigm. We are dealers and installers ourselves, and have had the same complaints about the modular ramp industry as you have:

  • Exorbitant Costs
  • Labor Intensity
  • Shipping and Logistics Concerns

Redispan is different. We have fundamentally transformed the entire aluminum modular ramp industry from design to logistics to installation. Redispan ramps feature:

  • Huge cost savings per job:
    • We have carefully engineered our ramps to be installed by ONE PERSON. No more need to have an installer hold one end while the other sets leg heights, adjust angles, etc.
    • That means, you pay only one installer per job, freeing your other installers to work on other jobs!
  • Shipping made easy:
    • Buy in volume unassembled - save huge in freight.
    • Or, buy our ramp in a box kit.
  • We pass manufacturing savings onto you:
    • Our ramps do not have or need pre-welded components. Everything bolts together, and is even stronger than our competitors.
    • No welds meansĀ our ramps can be shipped completely unassembled, in bulk, and assembled on site or at your facility as needed.

And that's not all. Having combined decades of experience in the mobility and accessibility industry means we know what dealers want in order to be successful. We are committed to exceptional customer service and developingĀ better ramps than our competitors.

Additional reasons to use Redispan:

  • eco-friendly2Environmentally friendly manufacturing process:
    • We use no welding and no industrial welding equipment.
    • Our clients know that they are supporting responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes that are good for both the environment and their finances.
    • Click here to learn more about our commitment to sustainable practices
  • Superior customer service
    • Having years of experience in the industry, we know good customer service from the not so good. We strive to make your relationship with us easy and painless.
    • We have the unique position of having our roots out in the field, installing modular ramps for customers. So we know the industry, the difference in products, and how to satisfy customers' needs.
    • We are committed to being there when you have a need. Our entire business is service-oriented, and we are a small operation. You will always talk to a real live person any time you need anything at all, or have any questions or concerns.

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