Redispan Modular Wheelchair Ramp Products

Redispan modular wheelchair ramps represent the cutting edge of modular ramp innovation.

We only use industrial grade aluminum on all of our products, and our ramps are crafted by industry experts who have installed thousands of ramps manufactured by our competitors. Furthermore, we know their shortcomings, and so we designed a ramp that addresses all of the things we always wish we had as professional modular ramp installers.

One key feature only available in Redispan ramps, is that all of our sections and platforms are completely customizable. This is especially important, since dealers and installers often report situations where standard configurations will not work for a specific installation, and a non-standard length or width is needed. Since Redispan doesn't pre-weld our sections and platforms, we can provide any custom size or configuration needed. Contact us today for more information.

Please take a look at our modular ramp features below.

Big Money Savings

Redispan designed a ramp with both the installer and the end user in mind.

Our ramps can be installed by only one person, because no flipping over of large welded sections is necessary. Everything installs from the top down. Plus, our ramps ship in smaller packages, saving you big on shipping charges.

Sturdy Construction

Redispan only uses 100% industrial grade aluminum in our ramp products.

Our ramps are hand-crafted and individually inspected for perfection. All rigidity and weight tests meet or exceed any other product on the market today. Our innovative design is lighter, stronger, and easier to build and modify than our competitor's products.

No Welded Parts

No welded parts in Redispan ramps mean that we have less overhead in our production, use less fossil fuel energy, and can pack our products into smaller shipping containers.

We ship our ramps either assembled or unassembled for your convenience. Unassembled ramps require no bulky shipping pallets and freight charges.

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Details & Specifications

Standard Sections: 3', 4', 5', 6', 8', 10', & custom lengths available

Standard Platforms: 4' x 5', 5' x 5', & custom sizes available

Ramp Packages: Packages are based on total ramp length needed, and can be customized for any configuration. Packages include everything needed to assemble complete ramp, including legs, brackets, handrails, and bottom transition plate. Ramp packages can be purchased with sections and platforms either assembled or unassembled. Contact us for more information.

Threshold Ramps: Redispan adjustable threshold ramps are available in different sizes.

Click to download this PDF containing Redispan Ramps specifications, load test, and more information. [Download not found].