Redispan Safety Adjustable Threshold Ramps & Doorway Ramps

Redispan defies convention again with our line of safety doorway and threshold ramps. Built to the same rigid specifications of our aluminum modular ramps, Redispan threshold ramps are designed for rugged reliability, dependability, and safety. 

Our safety threshold ramp system features adjustable leg supports to allow for safe passage over any doorway entrance or threshold. No longer is it necessary to guess or accurately measure the threshold height in order to purchase the appropriate doorway ramp.

Next, we offer the same rugged side rail on our threshold ramp that are included in our modular ramp. Complete with toe rail along both sides, these side rails will prevent any mobility device including walkers, wheelchairs, or canes from slipping off of the side while navigating the ramp.  

Our Redispan threshold ramp also offers handrails as an option. Our unique side rail features our twist and lock handrail bracket attachment feature, allowing for handrails to be included with the original ramp, or added later. 

Redispan is proud to now offer Safepath rubber thresholds and landings, saving you time and money when ordering these along with your Redispan modular ramp system.

Redispan is proud to offer the safest, toughest, most reliable threshold ramp and doorway ramp system on the market today. Contact us for fast pricing!

Your Safety is First

Redispan's threshold ramp has the most included safety features of any adjustable threshold ramp on the market today. Many consumers had concerns with typical threshold ramps available on the market. Canes, walkers, and wheels could easily slip off the side. Redispan solves that 100%. Toe guards on the side rails ensure that every step will be safe.

Handrails Available

Redispan's doorway & threshold ramp includes the option to have handrails added for additional stability and security. Our unique side rail channel allows for handrail brackets to simply twist and lock into place, and handrails added in seconds. Handrail kits can be ordered separately at any time after the purchase of the ramp.

Reliability & Simplicity

Redispan is quickly becoming known as a premium manufacturer of aluminum modular ramps and threshold ramp products. Our aluminum is 100% industrial grade, and even looks better than our competitors'. Our threshold ramp and modular ramp products assemble with ease, and are built to last.

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Details & Specifications

Standard Sizes: 2', 3', 4', 5' 6', 8'

Adjustable Height: Yes

Handrails: Can be added to all packages

Toe Rail: Included on all products

Customization: All Redispan products can be custom sized to fit your specific needs. Contact us for more information.

Modular Wheelchair Ramps: Redispan aluminum modular ramps are available in any size or configuration. Click here for more information about our modular wheelchair ramps