Responsible & Sustainable Development.

Redispan is proudly committed to utilizing and maintaining environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Our production facility holds itself to a higher standard in order to be an example of superior green production standards. 

LEED™ Certified

The LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) system, which was created by the U.S. Green Building Council, establishes voluntary industry standards for green building and manufacturing processes. Our aluminum processing facility meets and exceeds LEED™ standards for material production. 


Through strategic placement of our facilities and logistical framework, Redispan's raw materials are obtained within 500 miles of our production facility. This exceeds LEED™ standards for raw material collection. Due to this, the need for fossil fuels for shipping, extraction, and freight are greatly reduced, further contributing to earth-friendly principles in manufacturing.

Additional Environmental Responsibility

In addition to surpassing LEED™ standards for sustainable production, our facilities practice sustainability in production. Industrial scrubbers are employed that remove volatile and harmful particles from the atmosphere. Solvents and chemicals are reclaimed and reprocessed on site. Anodizing agents are recaptured and reused. Even all cardboard used in shipping and packaging is 100% recycled.

Due to upgrades to industrial burning and melting equipment, our facility has experienced an annual reduction of over 170 million cubic feet of natural gas. This has produced a yearly cutting of almost three tons of carbon monoxide emissions.

Our commitment to eco-friendly and environmentally responsible production and manufacturing is paramount to everything we do at Redispan.

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